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5 teams of ultima .:updated:. by Princessblazethecat 5 teams of ultima .:updated:. :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 2 37
TVC2: rift of darkness c-4
As Viper, trique, and crystal rush across the darkness they cross plains, fields, seas and forests. Everywhere they went it was nothing but blackness and monters everywhere. they tried to attack them but there was too fast for them, well at least for some. "Lets camp here" said crystal. As they reached a deep part of the woods that they was going threw. "If we are going to rest here we are going to need someone to watch." Trique said. "Not a problem, ill do it" Viper said. He got up off the ground and stood up. "All this time i have been no help what so ever, but i need to fight this and regain peace on again" Viper said. "Yeah!" Trique said. "Thats the viper I know" crystal said smiling. "I guss ill get some rest till night then wake me up so i can watch over" Viper said laying down. That night trique woke up viper. Viper turned to see crystal already asleep and trique starting to fall asleep. A few hours passed and Viper got up and went a few foot into the woods, close enough to see
:iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 0 3
torment tree ROUND 1 by Princessblazethecat torment tree ROUND 1 :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 1 11
TVC: 2 rift of darkness c-3
"Ugh, how long are we going to say in this house the skys are already black and its in the morning" trique said as she looked out the window. "I dont know, all i know is that we are safe in this place" viper said. "But its been two days!" she snapped "if we dont get outta here we will die" Viper just looked at her and turned away "Its my fault that the darkness is flowing again" viper said sadly. "SNAP OUT OF IT! DAMMIT!" trique screamed and slaped viper across the face " i dont wanna die as much as y.." suddly a slam at the door, and then another. "not again, this is the 4th time today that the monsters has gotten threw" trique said. another slam hit the door and another. "this isnt good" viper jumped up "that thing is going to destory the door" but it was too late a icy spear went threw the door with a bang "VIPER!" a familler voice called out to him. "Crystal?" trique asked? viper looked up from being shoot back and say a wolf standing infount of the door "Crystal!" viper said and r
:iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 0 11
My REAL trainer card by Princessblazethecat My REAL trainer card :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 0 115 Viper's symbol by Princessblazethecat Viper's symbol :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 1 0 ultima badge by Princessblazethecat ultima badge :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 4 0 dragonbolt badge by Princessblazethecat dragonbolt badge :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 2 0
TVC 2: rift of darkness c-2
"Lets get outta here!" Viper screamed over the screeching sounds of the wind, but trique just stood there looking at the rip in space. All she could see was darkness beyond the rift, but before she knew it she screamed "AHHHHHH, wh...what is that!" she saw a pitch black claw reach out of the rift, it was dripping black stuff all over the ground where the rift is above. Viper was already half way down the hill when he heard her screamed. He turned to see if she was beind him but she wasnt. "Damn, shes going to get killed!" and he dashed back to the top of platinum hill. "i" she though in her head while another dripping claw came from out the the rift. As she stands there immoble, the two claws force the rift open by pressing on each side of the rift. "oh no! i dont wanna die im too young..please viper help me she though as tears began to trace down her face. As viper finally makes it to the top he see's the that black goo that dripped off of the monst
:iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 1 4
devil chao by Princessblazethecat devil chao :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 2 0
TVC 2: rift of darkness c-1
Chapter 1
After the death of vipers dad, which has been 4 months he and the crew split and when there own way. Crystal tried to say with viper but he left her because he couldn't have a weakness in his life. So Viper went back home to platinum village and rebuilt the place and the shrine at the top of platinum hill. As he was walking out of his house he head a scream coming from behind  "Hey Viper!" said Trique as she ran to him. He looked back in wonder and say the 3 tailed fox flying at high speed towards him. "Trique!?"  Viper asked as he turned around. "Oh my god it is! Its trique!" Viper screamed and ran to her. "Sup viper" trique asked. "Meh I was just heading to hone my skills a little at the shine" Viper said. "Oh ok, hey is you and crystal ever gona" Trique was cut off by seeing viper walk away "Hey don't walk away from me while im talking!" She screamed but viper just keep walking towards the trail leading to platinum hill "I warned you!" she threw a flami
:iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 3 4
Team oblivion by Princessblazethecat Team oblivion :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 2 6 .::peaches::. by Princessblazethecat .::peaches::. :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 2 4
TVC 2: Rift of darkness
The Viper Chronicles 2 ( TVC )
      Rift of Darkness
"So rose what are we hunting for eh?" A red male hedgehog stood looking into the ruins of the temple of the phoenix. He had a scare on his forehead and wore no clothes.  Rose was a yellow and black female cat, she wore leather boots and a head band across her head with a red shirt. On her back she had 2 dual bladed curved sword on her back and they where both connected making a "S". "My brother's corps." said rose. "I don't get it, why are we searching for a dead body of your brother?" said the hedgehog.  "Because he has something that can stop the rift from growing and if we don't find that item lucky, your brother, will be in grave danger" snapped rose.  "Ok, ok! I'm on it ill search"  said the hedgehog. The two looked around the only room they could get access to but they couldn't find anything but they keep searching. "Max, get over here, I think I fou
:iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 3 0
The Viper chronicles comic 3 by Princessblazethecat The Viper chronicles comic 3 :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 8 6 The viper chronicles comic 2 by Princessblazethecat The viper chronicles comic 2 :iconprincessblazethecat:Princessblazethecat 9 0
im great with drawing on paper.. but on the computer.. i still need practice.

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meh, the tourny was an epic fail, and im moving on, anywho.  i have moved to needformadness mulitplayer till i see fit. i wont come on as much. nor will i post stuff as much, i will keep in contact with my friends here, but not as much.
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Timmy Combs
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United States
just your irregulaur human being. love games, playing cards and making friends


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